Homeschoolers Thinking about
Career Options
Liz Thurber and Jim Thurber are both licensed
professionals in Virginia and homeschool their only
child, Virginia. The Thurber's are offering
homeschoolers the opportunity to learn the basic
elements of both Civil Engineering and Land
Surveying. Both topics will be discussed at length and
offer hands on experience with the hardware and
software utilized in the performance of certain tasks.

Civil Engineering and Land Surveying require the use
of advanced mathematics. The Thurber's are quite
capable of instructing a very simplified version of the
math. Many parts of the course will be about governing
regulations and legal issues which are a large part of
the respective careers.

Civil Engineering and Land Surveying are very portable
professions. They can be carried from state to state,
however, each state has their own unique licensing
requirements. Licensed Civil Engineers or Land
Surveyors command salaries up to $150,000 per year
with the private and public sector. A license in a
particular field opens the door to self employment as

The first meeting will be an overview of the history of
Civil Engineering and Land Surveying and how the
different disciplines affect our daily lives. Also
discussed will be how Civil Engineering and Land
Surveying work hand in hand to change the landscape
of the country. We will briefly talk about the educational
requirements for each profession and the basic
licensing requirements.

If there is an interest in continuing workshops in either
discipline we will be available to talk about the options
of additional classes and how the individual can use
what they learn to get internships at different
companies and possibly paid positions within a

Future classes will consist of the study of basic land
surveying techniques. Applied mathematical solutions
by use of hand held calculators, basic land boundary
legal issues, in the field use of land surveying
instruments and equipment, discussion of rectangular
coordinate systems and the mathematical calculations
for solutions to survey problems, topograhic
surveying, construction surveying, and basic
introduction to the use of Autocad as a drafting and
computation tool.

Future classes in Civil Engineering will focus a great
deal on reading and interpreting design plans, the
governing agencies rules and regulations for plan
submissions, costs associated with plan submission,
environmental regulations and concerns when
developing a plan for construction, calculating
construction cost, and simple design concepts.

The cost for the initial introduction and career seminar
is $5.00 per person. The fees for continuing education
in civil engineering will be determined based on
interest. If you want to attend the initial seminar you
may pay utilizing the button below. You will get a
receipt from Paypal in an email response. Thanks for
looking. We hope we can offer your homeschoolers
some options for career choices.

Liz Thurber, P.E.
Jim Thurber, L.S.
Sign up for an extended overview of Civil Engineering and Land
Surveying. Course will be one hour in length and begin on May 5th
and be weekly thereafter until May 26th. In September we will be
offering a thorough and comprehensive class on Civil Engineering
Design and Land Surveying techniques. Please download the May
course outline
here. The May course is $60.00 for the four classes.