The American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying
and Mapping combined forces and developed a template for land surveys that
would satisfy Title Insurance Companies and Lenders that are primarily involved in
commercial transactions. Commonly referred to as ALTA Surveys, this survey
provides far more information and requires a somewhat more developed amount
of information on the survey.

When an ALTA survey is required the Title Insurance Company and the Lender,
for commercial land, will have sent to the surveyor the items they wish to have
addressed on the survey. The usual requirements are for the surveyor to review
the Title Report and place on the face of the survey all elements within the title
report that are possible. These elements usually consist of easements and
rights-of-way that encumber the property. At times some of the easements cannot
be plotted on the survey because they may no longer affect the property or they
are not able to be plotted because their location cannot be determined because
the description is vague.

If you are the purchaser of a property that requires an ALTA survey, you may want
other elements addressed such as topography. The usual ALTA survey will show
all physical features that are above ground. Subsurface utilities can be shown if
the purchaser hires an underground utility marker to mark the location on the

The fees for an ALTA survey are dependant on a number of factors. Area,
physical improvements on the property, the amount of information required to be
shown on the survey are among the items that affect price.

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