About Thurber Engineering &
Land Surveying

We are a small Civil Engineering and Land Surveying business
located in the Fredericksburg, VA area. We have been in business
since 1995. The 2 Principles are Elizabeth L. Thurber, P.E. and
James D. Thurber, L.S.  

Liz obtained her civil engineering degree in 1985 from Penn State,
State College. She has been practicing as a professional engineer
since 1990. Her experience is broad, ranging from being the lead
engineer on a Costco site engineering plan in Fairfax County,
which required coordination with the construction of a span
across Accotink Creek to simple residential site plans. She has
been involved in several rezoning cases and has provided a range
of consulting services to various developers and builders.

Jim received his Professional License in 1993. His experience runs
the entire spectrum of land surveying services. His background
includes construction layout on many of the Old Town
Alexandria highrises to major subdivision construction layout for
Toll Brothers in the early 90's. Although not something he
ordinarily enjoys, Jim has provided expert witness testimony in
both Stafford and King George County for various boundary
issues. Jim feels that most if not all cases that go to court could
and should be mitigated before a judge has to hear evidence.
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